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Company Profile

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Arcatech | Limited is an innovative design and development company committed to providing the ‘next generation’ of telecommunications test solutions. Our combined hardware and software platforms are used in the laboratories of major multinational companies throughout the world to develop, analyze, test and demonstrate many types of telecom equipment.

Arcatech | Limited’s product portfolio spans many technologies and levels of complexity in order to provide telecoms developers with the tool most appropriate to their testing requirements. Having established a first-rate reputation in the area of network simulation, Arcatech | Limited has added bulk call generation and converged network testing to their portfolio of expertise.

Our highly skilled R&D team have developed solutions for ground-breaking technologies such as VoIP and xDSL as well as legacy ISDN, PSTN and V5 protocols.

One of the UK’s most respected telecommunications design and development companies. Many of our products have received numerous prestigious awards for innovation and export achievement. At present, we export more than two-thirds of volume sales to over 30 countries through a worldwide network of distributors. Customers include global telecomms and datacommunications organisations such as 3Com, Alcatel, AT&T, BT, Cisco, COX Communications, Comcast, Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Intel, Motorola, HP, A1 Telekom Austria, AVM, Vodafone, Qualcomm, ADB, Nortel, Panasonic and Samsung.

Arcatech | Limited also specialises in providing network access solutions for telecommunications providers. Our Arcaplex | Horizon ISDN multiplexer splits PRI into multiple BRI and POTS allowing you to instantly expand and provide additional network capacity.