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Telecom Regression Tests

Regression testing for telecom equipment has traditionally been performed by the quality assurance department within the organisation after the development team has completed their work. It is common knowledge that developing and upgrading software within any type of hardware can fix various faults. However developing any code can create new faults and re-emergence of old ones which could be costly in the long run. Therefore it is good practice within any quality assurance process, to utilise a third party independent device that would provide reporting tools on the device under test to determine if any faults are present.

Available with Taylored Prewritten Script packages to enable the customer to 'hit the ground running' and shorted the train up time before usefull testing can be done.

There are a number of common methods of regression testing that are used within the organisation the typical scenario is as follows - rerun previous tests and check whether the program behaviour has changed and to see if previously fixed faults have re-emerged.

The Emutel™ Harmony is quality measure device designed to easy automate the task of regression testing different interfaces and protocols of the device under test in repeatable manner. Regression testing capability helps to verify if new releases and updates doesn’t affect stability and quality of the product under test. The emutel Harmony allows automate testing of the performance and functionality as new functionality is added.

Wrap around Regression Testing with emutel Harmony

The Emutel™ Harmony allows you to test the functionality of PSTN, ISDN and VoIP interface device. Automated tests will save you hours of work including customizable professional report of your tests.

Testing all possible variances is possible for any device with command line interface capability. Our drag and drop scripting method allows the emutel Harmony to send a command and change parameters of the device under test.