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Gateway Testing

Each card and each port on each card can be configured independently of any other. This gives great flexibility in test scenarios. One port on a PRI card may be configured to be running E1 with the ETSI protocol in User mode where as another port is configured to be T1 and using the National protocol in Network mode. This flexibility allows for connection to any type of equipment and to carry out complete wrap around testing if needed.

Bulk Call Generation and Wrap Around Testing VoIP, ISDN, PSTN

The card types available are:

  • PRI 8 ports with support for E1/T1/J1 and the ETSI, National, ATT-5ESS, DMS-100 and NTT network protocols
  • BRI-S 8 ports with Power feeding and support for the ETSI, National, ATT-5ESS, DMS-100 and NTT network protocols
  • BRI-U 8 ports with Power feeding and support for the ETSI, National, ATT-5ESS, DMS-100 and NTT network protocols
  • FXO 16 ports with country specific tone and impedance support
  • Multi Function Card giving a small selection of ports on one card for smaller testing applications
  • PRI 2 Ports & FXO 8 ports - Main Card
  • Optional FXS 8 ports module which includes country specific tones and impedance support
  • Optional BRI-S 4 ports module giving the same support as is available in the 8 port card

With the complete range of cards available in one system, it makes it the ideal product for wrap around testing of a Gateway.

Each port on the Gateway under test can be connected to the corresponding port type on the Emutel™ Harmony. Calls can then be originated on any port on the Emutel™ Harmony, either on a TDM card or a LAN card. Having been routed through the Gateway under test, the call can then be answered again on the required port. This ability to make and answer calls across any combination of ports makes the Emutel™ Harmony ideal to carry out a full routing test on the Gateway, TDM to VoIP, VoIP to TDM, TDM to TDM, VoIP to VoIP.

With each call having its origin and destination on the same unit, path testing and call quality tests can be carried out. Audio files can be played during each call and the received audio recorded. A PESQ calculation can then be carried out on the received audio to get a Perceptual Evaluation of the Quality of the call.

Load testing is also an integral part of any Gateway test plan. With the scripting capabilities of the Emutel™ Harmony a script making one call can quickly be altered to repeatedly make calls, with each call having a different destination telephone number or URI. With this, tests of ‘X’ number of Calls per hour can be set up to test the Gateway under load conditions or to set up soak tests of ‘X’ Calls per hour for ‘Y’ hours to ensure long term operation.

The Emutel™ Harmony is a scalable TDM and VoIP Call Generator, designed to meet the needs of equipment developers and manufacturers.

The Emutel™ Harmony is scalable from a single carded system up to a large 15 card chassis. With its design of having a processor card for each linecard that is in the system, performance does not degrade with each additional card added.

The Emutel™ Harmony has support for the different interface types that exist on the PSTN, making it ideal for testing the complete range of products developed by a company.