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telecom testing training

The extensive range of emutel simulation products, make an ideal platform for testing and training institutions. The feature rich emutel range can add an extra dimension to any training programme giving the students the opportunity to gain hands on experiencing.

The ISDN products range from a simple 2 port Basic Rate ISDN simulator the Emutel Solo, up to the multi-interface Emutel Symphony with hardware support for PRI, BRI-S, BRI-U and Analogue FXS.

Each of the products in the ISDN simulation range support various country specific network protocols giving the opportunity to gain experience in the different variants that exist worldwide.

With Protocol Analysis available on each product it is possible to trace through the various messages which are transmitted during the call generation and tear down processes, getting students familiar with the message flows that exist for ISDN.

Arcatech also has simulation equipment covering the xDSL technologies. The Emutel Maestro uses manufacturer specific central office chipset modules to give support for ADSL (ANNEX A,B,C), VDSL and SHDSL. Not only does the Emutel Maestro support these different technologies but also supports a number of different manufacturer variants including Alcatel, Texas Instruments, Globespan and Infineon.

With the windows application it is possible to change many of the parameters which govern the line rates for each of the technologies, from the "Connection mode" whether its G.dmt, G.lite or Multimode, "Noise margin" on the line or the Maximum and Minimum connection bit rates. The affect of these parameters on actual download times and speeds can be seen with the inbuilt web server.

Protocol Analysis is again available, this shows the messages sent to establish a connection between modem and central office, and also the data being transmitted on the DSL line.