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Command Line Interface


The Harmony may be controlled by using command line interface (CLI) commands and parameters. To access the CLI, the user must login to the Harmony using a Telnet or a SSH session. After starting a telnet or SSH connection to a Harmony using its IP-Address, the user will be prompted to enter the username and password. To transfer files to and from the Harmony, a TFTP server is required on the controlling computer.


The CLI has a number of commands, only one of which may be used at time. In addition commands may have associated parameters. The commands and parameters may be specified in full, or an abbreviation may be used. Command parameters may be set in advance, to be used later, therefore commands do not need parameters explicitly set on the same line as the command, although this is allowed. Multiple commands can be on one line. Command parameter values set will be stored for later use.

Example Commands

Set the username

pas user=administrator

Set the script name

pas script="My test script" or pas sc="My test script"

Run the script whose name has been set into the script parameter


Run the script "My script"

scr script="My script"

Send a command to a running script

pas command=runblock

pas cmdparams=MyBlock1


The main commands perform operations like checking a test script status or starting a script to run. However, it is also possible to send a sub-command to a script as it is running to control its functioning. All the sub-commands are sent using the CLI "scriptsend" command with the parameters "command" and "cmdparams".